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Dates to know...

  • 12/14-12/18 Semester 1 Exams & Refocus (Exam Schedule)

  • 12/18 End of Marking Period 2

  • 12/21-1/5 Winter Break; classes resume for learners on 1/6

Call-offs and Tech Troubles?  Report them to the main office and Coach Derrig so attendance is captured correctly.  The main office number is 330-761-7965 or email 

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STEM Spirit Week is 12/7-12/11!
Congrats to new NHS inductees!

Class of 2021

Class of 2021

  • John Benson

  • Mary Winer

  • Martin Miller Heisler

  • Jamil Wright

  • Angel Guinn

  • Mayceo Smith

  • Milena Galloway

  • Eleanor Smith

  • Nikolai Randonjich

  • Sage Waehler

  • Noah Klein

  • Cailan James-Smith

  • Cameron Neuma

  • Autumn Wright

  • Margaret Mahaney

  • Maya West

  • Jaiden Idley

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Resources to support remote learning

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9th Grade students will be selecting their pathway in early February! To prepare, they will participate in a virtual Career Expo at the end of January. More details will be coming soon!

How can STEM HS support all learners and increase engagement?  What systems are in place to support STEM learning goals?

As part of your system to support Mastery, a specially designed schedule was created to allow for additional individualized or small groups sessions with the learning coaches.  For your reference I have outlined the resources available to help all learners reach Mastery.  Please take advantage of these sessions and ensure that your child is attending IMPACT.  IMPACT is a mandatory part of our STEM program.

Your learner can attend:

  • Daily Google Meets where clarifying questions can be addressed by staff and collaboration can occur with peers.

  • Daily office hours, Monday-Thursday from 2:00-2:30 where learners can get one on one support to the learning standards.

  • IMPACT sessions twice per month for small group and one on one support

  • Asynchronous Friday for individual and differentiated instruction.

  • After Hours Tutoring is available until 7 pm Monday-Thursday and from 10-2 on Saturdays.  The number to call is 330-761-7943,or you can join with a Google Meet Link located on

  • Email your learning coaches for support as needed

How can I get support for stress and anxiety in this remote learning model?​

  • After Hours Counseling is available from 4-7 pm Monday-Thursday and from 10-2 pm on Saturdays.  The number to call is 330-761-7943, or you can join with a Google Meet Link located on

  • Daily, Coach Grandison is accessible via email to set up appointments to talk or connect to community resources for support.  His email address is

My learner failed a class marking period 1, how can my learner get back on track to earn credit at the end of the first semester?

  • Credit at the semester is calculated by three parts:  marking period 1 grade, marking period 2 grade, and the semester exam.

  • If your learner failed a course for marking period 1, they will need to pass marking period 2 and the semester exam at a mastery level.

  • Attend all IMPACT sessions, reach out during office hours for support, engage in all Google Classroom lessons, and check HAC weekly for missing assignments.

  • Communicate with learning coaches and schedule a conference on November 12th if your learner is falling behind.

STEM Celebrations!
From the STEM PTSA
  • Hello STEM Families!  In this very tricky year, I would like to thank you for your continued support of our PTSA.  We are working hard to raise funds to support our Seniors with Scholarships for college and your continued support in our fundraisers and being a member in the NIHF STEM PTSA is very much appreciated.

  • The NIHF STEM PTSA is excited to announce the start of Memberhub Givebacks.  By joining the PTSA you already have access to these amazing deals and by participating in these offers, the PTSA will earn a certain percent back, automatically!  No additional steps need to be taken...easy peasy!!!  If you have not had a chance to join our PTSA you can do it here  We would love to have you on our team.  As a final reminder, all Seniors applying for a scholarship do need to be a member of the PTSA as part of the qualifications necessary to apply.  Should you have any questions, please email us at the address below

  • The STEM PTSA continues to sell the NIHF STEM Eagles decals.  These attach to any hard surface including windows, computers and walls.  These decals are $12 and support our Scholarship fund.  They are available in the memberhub store, or you can pick up directly from the school office from Coach Derrig. 

  • Acme Community Cashback continues.  Please remember to save your community cashback receipts for our PTSA.  These can be brought into the school office, or dropped off anytime a supply pick up is offered.  

  • Should you have any questions or concerns,  we can always be reached at email   Again we thank you for your continued support


Lauren Presutti


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