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What do i need to LEARN about this problem? WHERE can I go to EXPERIENCE it?

How do I keep my research USER CENTERED? Click HERE! Hover over the boxes below for more information on each of our investigation methods.

Watch this first!


TALK to your users! Find experts related to your problem and get their first-hand perspective! Cite in your portfolio with detailed descriptions of who you interviewed. Some tips: ALWAYS RECORD your interviews and interview in small groups--it makes people more comfortable! Click HERE for more tips!

How can you see your problem in action? Go watch people as they experience the problem! Have users record their experiences for you to watch and build inferences upon! Cite in your portfolio with detailed descriptions of what you observed. Click HERE for more tips!


Any ideas on how you could help? Want to explore a specific root cause? Set up an experiment for your users to test ideas and get their feedback! Cite in your portfolio with a detailed description of what you did. You can use Shecalf's room and any participants can earn XP!


Some information and statistics can only be found through academic research. Be aware of bias and reliability in each source to find the BEST information for YOUR Capstone! Cite using APA guidelines.

As you learn about your user and their problem, you will create three visual deliverables to help you examine your research and draw inferences and conclusions! Click each button below to learn about these deliverables...
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