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What PRODUCT can I create for my user to solve their problem?

Watch this first!


The IDEATE step is about brainstorming how you will solve your problem, now that you know so much about it!

Divergent Brainstorming

Convergent Brainstorming: a 2x2 Matrix

FIRST: Openly brainstorm--NO judgment or editing of ideas at this point!  ideas may be original or "borrowed." Not all of the ideas generated will be viable solutions to a problem, some might even be ridiculous. However, by increasing both the number and variety of ideas, we may be able to select a better solution than we could have if we were only selecting from a small number of options.

SECOND: Compare these ideas to your design principles and our constraint of needing a stand-alone product. Just because an idea doesn't immediately fit isn't a reason to throw it out--how can it be modified to work?


Project Proposal

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