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WHO needs a way to DO WHAT

because I learned WHAT?

The INTERPRET step is about reflecting on everything you learned in the last step to re-frame your problem statement with a more specific phrasing! Examine your ecosystem map for weak spots; look at your root causes analysis for the real causes behind the problem. Where can you affect the most change? Should your user group narrow? Broaden? Completely change? Hint: if you change your user completely make sure it is still a group on which you can affect change AND make sure they are truly the user who HAS a problem, not just a part of the ecosystem!

Note: For STEM Capstone, your solution must be a product. Keep that in mind as you select an angle to solve!

Watch this first!

Then watch this!

FIRST: Summarize your big takeaways from the
INVESTIGATE step in a paragraph. Focus on the weak
areas that you see in your ecosystem map and the root
causes that you uncovered.

SECOND: Re-frame your problem to the INTERPRET
statement, following this pattern:

Third: Identify design principles to guide problem solving!
Principles are like constraints but they focus on what your
solution should BE LIKE for your user. These ideas can
come from your understanding of your user from your
empathy map or user journey OR from specific areas
where you see existing solutions as not working. Should
your solution be FREE? Technology based? Calming? Here's a step-by-step way to do this:

  • Identify 3-5 ADJECTIVES that describe what your solution should be like for your user.

  • Identify 3-5 NOUNS or PHRASES that describe what your user should get out of your solution.

  • Choose 4 that you think are the MOST IMPORTANT--make sure you have at least one adjective
    and one noun! These are the principles against which all solutions will be measured!

Design Principles.png

Examples of Design Principles

  • Fast

  • Free

  • Soothing

  • Portable

  • Calming

  • Engaging

  • Fun

  • Easy to learn

  • Adaptable to the user

  • Social

  • Safe

  • Eco-friendly or "green"

  • Able to be recycled

  • All natural

  • Human

  • Integrates with what they already use

  • Based in evidence

  • Tech based

  • Easy to make

  • Customizable

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