STEM Capstone Documentary

If all goes as planned, your presentation of learning (and final exam grade for this course and ELA 12) will be a screening of your documentary, a demonstration of your final solution product, and a Q&A with community partner judges and members of the junior class.


Task: create a short film that documents your use of the design process in STEM Capstone. It is NOT just a video about your solution. The goal is to engage and entertain our audience while you show them how you used the STEM Design Process to solve a problem! 

Resources for STUFF for your film: stock video, images, sound, etc...

Resources and tips for actually making your film...


Screencasts are an awesome way to make whatever is on your screen into a video file for your documentary or other video project! Anything like a Slides or Prezi presentation can be turned into a screencast!

There are a bunch of online platforms but I recommend Screecastify as it is a chrome plug in.

Example Documentaries from the Class of 2019 & 2020!

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